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Top Selling Fixed Life

Indexed Universal Life

This is a cash value accumulating life policy on an index chasis. This product is currently the only indexed product with a 2% minimum guaranteed interest rate paid year over year, while having market upside (the 2% at a minimum would be credited each year less fees, expense and charges). Also included is the Accelerated Benefit Rider.

Whole Life

4% guarantee, while having one of the lowest costs per thousand of Whole Life insurance premium in the industry. This policy has one of the highest guaranteed IRR’s in the industry as well. Also included is the Accelerated Benefit Rider.

Ask us to compare any Whole Life with top competitors.

Life Insurance Policies with Long Term Care (Including Term)

Chronic Illness / Long Term Care benefit rider. This rider can pay up to 100% of the face amount if certain criteria are met, such as 2 of 6 ADL’s or cognitive impairment (benefit could be paid at 2% / month of face value for 50 months).

Top Selling Annuities

Bonus Annuity

7% bonus with a short 10 year surrender schedule. Contract also has death benefit rider and a long term care benefit rider (riders, bonus, surrender schedule may vary by state).
This contract also features, nine index and one fixed interest crediting strategies. Penalty free withdrawals are available beginning in year 2, if not taken then can double up the next year (never to exceed 10%). Bonus is vested on a monthly basis and fully vested in the 11th year of contract value.

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Greg and his team are knowledgeable, professional…

"The reason why I decided to work with Independent Financial Solutions, Inc. is because Greg and his team are knowledgeable, professional and they get the job done quickly with kindness and diligence." ~Bryant Lew

The agency has always been friendly, responsive and helpful.

"The agency has always been friendly, responsive and helpful. Any promises made have been kept and I find the agency to be far better than the others I worked with in the past. Most important is that everything is done ethically and that character of the agency is found, in all the employees working there." ~ Charles Levitt

It’s real simple, IFS gets it!

"It's real simple, IFS gets it! It is not just about placing business, it is about doing the right thing for your client. The open architecture platform makes it easy to do just that." ~ Charles Lamantia

I have worked for Independent Financial Solutions, Inc. since June 2013.

"I have worked for Independent Financial Solutions, Inc. since June 2013. I have always experienced willingness to help attitude throughout the company. I have found everybody to be extremely attentive and efficient, and very knowledgeable. Working with a company that is friendly with an approachable attitude is something that makes your working day a lot nicer." ~ Kim Reynolds

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