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The IFS Difference

Experience the best of both worlds!

Brokerage GeneralAgency Model:
The Independent Financial Solutions Model:
Career General Agency Model:
Agent is a broker only

Brokers are independent (does not have a non-compete)

We allow for Agents and Brokers – both are Independent!
Captive agents only

Agents have a non-compete

Typically brokers cannot contact the home office Our agents and brokers can contact home office Agents can contact the home office
Typically the agency has no exclusive underwriter nor staff assigned to them Our agency has its own underwriters and staff Agency does have its own underwriters and staff
Commission is “Paid as Earned”

No Benefits / No Trips

Typically no (term) renewals

Annualization and/or Paid as Earned


(including term) = yes

Agents are annualized

Benefits/Trips/Renewals = Yes

No office provided to work from – by the agency (nor carriers) You can (if you want) work for free from our office! Agents must work in the office, and for a cost
Broker can place business with any carrier and/or agency Work with us with any carrier Agents must place business with one carrier and agency
Broker can have their own DBA (Doing Business As)

Broker can have Outside Business

Activities (OBA’s)

Brokers must use own card cards

Your own DBA is ok!

We allow Agents to have OBA’s

Use your cards, ours, and/or our Carriers

Typically No DBA’s allowed

Nor are OBA’s allowed

You must use business cards of the Agency you work for with a Home office disclaimer/branding

Broker works for themselves and by themselves In business for yourself, not by yourself! You are an Employee of the Agency and Carrier

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Become an Independent Agent today!

We are the perfect blend between a brokerage and career agency model. As unique hybrid, we provide you with all the independence, stellar commission payouts and own your book of business with all the bells and whistles of a career agency model. Please refer to IFS Difference.[ninja_form id=1]